Friday, January 29, 2010

Mark Trozzi

Mark Trozzi


Mark Trozzi is a musician, an ecologist, a teacher and an emergency doctor……
Being a man of many talents he was drawn to music at an early age and has never left it.

He finds music a great healing outlet for his talent and loves to share it with friends and fans all over the world.

Mark has a history with a variety of musical instruments including the guitar, piano, bass and percussion, which have allowed him to spend many a day, week and year in the studio recording, writing and producing his beautiful healing and relaxing collection of music.

His latest CD release is a self-titled album “Floyd Ripples”. As Mark says “Often after working very late in the emergency department, I “wind down” in the studio, so a lot of my music is peaceful and resolving. I am quite content drawing inspiration from nature and my life and being, a prolific musician.”

In addition to the Floyd Ripples CD, Mark’s discography includes “ Us – The Polaris Session”, “Violet Jones”. Relaxation and Sleep” & “The Council – 2000 Years”, which have spanned the last decade and brought him many accolades and great adventures.

In the late 90’s and early 2000’s , he spent much of his time in Costa Rica working to protect against the ecological degradation threatening the region. Also active musically during this time, Mark had the opportunity to perform with musicians from around the world which further infused his spirit and creativity in the musical realm.

You will find the songs “Hello”, “Rock Me” and “Heals Of Man” on the Floyd Ripples CD to be a very solid example of Mark’s spirituality and musical talent. His songs are a springboard to serenity and peace……wrapped up in gentle and loving vocals.
This site provides some background on Mark’s ecological endeavors

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